Question Powering LED lightstrips from a light switch


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I’m currently redoing my kitchen and have already installed my led downlights, but want to fit some led light strips under the top units to light the worktop. In my lounge i have these running of a power socket, with a remote control, which was easy to install. I want to do the same in the kitchen, but i want them to come on when you use the light switch, not a remote.

Has anyone got any experience of doing this? As i can’t find anything out there to do it.

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You need a standard 230V to 12V (assuming your light strips are 12V) transformer. Depending how long the strip is depends on the load required but this link should do:

*CHECK YOUR WATTAGE* as that's only 36W, IIRC 5m of LED strip is about 14W/m so choose one that covers your total LED load. And choose a dimmable one if you want to dim them (I've not tried dimming from the light switch before- YMMV).

Then wire your switched live from the light switch (plus N and E) to the transformer and the strip directly into the transformer (if single colour) or the controller into the transformer if multi-coloured.

No different to using Low Voltage MR16 downlights...

Except it's in a kitchen so you probably want to consult a Part P qualified electrician...


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Except it's in a kitchen so you probably want to consult a Part P qualified electrician...
There is no such thing as a "Part P qualified electrician" and kitchens are no longer "special locations" requiring notification (in England).


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Depends on what type of led strip you intend to use, on how you are connecting to your fixed wiring. I tended to leave all the unsightly drivers etc on top of the wall units, then drooping a feed behind the wall units. Might need removing a wall unit to do so, unless you have a decor' panel, or void somewhere.

As regards, doing it yourself, that depends on your competency. Any alterations or additions to your fixed wiring will need testing before energizing, and I don't mean a bang test.


You can get mains powered LED strips with the required voltage stepdown built in. Power them direct from the light switch, from a mini fused connection block inside the switch housing. Only problem is getting the mains wiring from the back of the switch to the lights, if walls aren't hollow you'd need to run externally.

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