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Hi, I've got a Kodak Zi8 which has an external connection for a microphone. This connection is powered (although a lot of people say it is not powered) as I have been using an electret mic through it.
I have been recording pub bands with the zi8 and most of my recordings are clipped (audio). I have the mic settings on the zi8 set at the lowest setting.
With a lot of reading I have found out that if I power my mic through an external battery box, the mic is less likely to clip when exposed to loud music.

My question is, can I use a battery box (most of them work with a 9v battery) in conjunction with the zi8 without damaging it?



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Interestingly, this pocket kit does support an external stereo mic....but I found no ref to exterrnal power for the mic...is this what you mean? Electrets do sometimes have a button-cell in the housing...is it possible that has run down?
Electrets can produce considerable output - so if it's still operational, it may be overloading the input. You really need to get an expert to look at this to measure the mic o/p. and set you up. Better still, I think a Zoom or PalmTrack will handle Audio just fine, and leave you free to move about for fill-in video.
There, that's my pennyworth.

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