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PowerDVD vanishes when film starts


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I am hoping for some advice, I am pretty much at my wits end with this problem. The issue is that PowerDVD exits whenever a BluRay movie starts, the screen momentarily goes blank and the application just exists before returning to the Operating system. The splash screen for the movie plays great, but as soon as I pick a language for the movie it just exits. Sometimes it is possible to work around this by choosing a scene from the movie to jump to using a right click, but the ability to do this seems to depend on if the movie menu’s support this or not.

Some system details;
The system is using the integrated ATI X1200 graphics from the GIGABYTE GA-MA69GM-S2H motherboard.
AMD 6400 processor, 2 Gb of RAM.
HDMI connection to a Samsung LE46B650 LCD screen.
LG BluRay HDD combi drive
Optical SPDIF connection to a separate amplifier off the motherboard.

I have installed the latest version of the ATI Catalyst Control Center and associated drivers. The LG drivers, its firmware, the bios, and the screen firmware are all up to date. Power DVD is version 7.3 with all available updates installed. I am also using AnyDVD, but the problem is present with that running or not. The region is set to 2 in PowerDVD, and the disks I am attempting to play are region 2. I have experimented with many combinations of software settings in AnyDVD and PowerDVD with and without AnyDVD running, all to no avail.

I have a feeling this might have something to do with HDCP, because my old screen used to be connected to the PC using a VGA lead and I successfully watched BluRay films using that with a nearly identical software setup (all the recent upgrades were done around the screen upgrade). But it has been nearly a year since I successfully used that setup to watch a BluRay, so I cannot be 100% sure it would be OK, and I don’t have a VGA lead handy to try it this weekend, but plan to give that a go next week when I can borrow one from work.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of problem? Any suggestions?


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I thought I might post an update. I was trying to use version 7.3 of PowerDVD which came bundled with my drive. I tried downloading a trial copy of Version 9 (which I really don't like), but it has the same problem. Frustratingly if I double click a file directly from the folder on the disk it plays fine. Since nobody else seems to have seen this issue, I have tried contacting Cyberlink tech support. Needless to say, given that I am not a directly paying customer I am not expecting too much attention to my problem.

The thing I find bizarre, is that it is so difficult for me to play a legitimate disk that I am legally entitled to watch, at the moment my best way to watch them is to rip them to drive and play them from there. Meantime I have started looking at other players to use, anyone have any opinion of TMT? Or should I just wait until Slyplayer ships?


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Hi Lewis,

Sounds very similar to the problems I've been having here. The differences being that all my Blu Rays work perfectly, but no HD DVDs until I ran AnyDVD in the background. My HD DVDs wouldn't load at all, not even the menus, so yours might not be an HDCP issue.

Have you tried the Cyberlink BD Advisor here and run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Start-->Run-->Type dxdiag-->click "OK")?



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After a bit of to and fro with Tech support I got a successful resolution, here is the response I got.

In response to your concern, please follow the below given steps to resolve this issue :

1. Restart the computer.

2. Install Microsoft cleanup tool and clean PowerDVD installation information :-
Please visit the following link to download the specific utility from the Microsoft to remove the already installed software properly :-
Please install it and execute from "Start\All programs\WindowsInstaller Cleanup" To check if PowerDVD is on product list, If you can see PowerDVD in product list. Select PowerDVD and click "Remove" button to clean up PowerDVD.

3. Remove Power DVD folder and clean up PowerDVD Registry :-
i. Remove PowerDVD install folder and clean the PowerDVD registry :
a) Rename "PowerDVD" Folder to "PowerDVD-old" The original PowerDVD Folder Path is :
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD
b) Delete the following folder :
C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{6811CAA0-BF12-11D4-9EA1-0050BAE317E1}
Please note that this directory is a hidden directory. So, first select 'Show hidden files and folder' option from 'Folder option' and then delete that folder.
Please follow the steps given below to do it :-
Open 'Control Panel' --> open 'Folder Options' --> click 'View' tab --> select 'Show hidden files and folder' --> click 'OK'.
Now delete the following folder :-
C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{6811xxx-xxx}
Also delete the file 'IsProBE.tlb' from folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\
c) Run regedit by following steps :
Start --> Run (keyin ""regedit"") and then Hit Ok.
(2) Remove
(3) Remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\InstallShield Uninstall Information\{6811CAA0-BF12-11D4-9EA1-0050BAE317E1}
(4) Remove
d). Remove PowerDVD program ICON
(1) Program ICON: Delete C:\Document and settings\all user (or user login name)\desktop\PowerDVD
(2) PowerDVD program folder under "ALL Programs"
Delete C:\Document and settings\all user (or user login name)\start menu\programs\PowerDVD

4. Reboot PC.

5. Delete PowerDVD folder (We changed the original PowerDVD folder name at step 3 and 1.) :
Delete C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD-old

6. Now, please visit the FTP link given below to download the latest build of CyberLink BD Solution OEM LG version :
NOTE: Please DO NOT click on the link. Copy the link in the address bar of a new Internet Explorer window and then click on 'Go'.
ftp://156:[email protected]/CDS/LG/1/LG-ODD_HDS080303-04_R3.zip
Please click the "Save" option to save the file on your desktop.
When the download is over, please unzip the downloaded file and after the file is unzipped, please double click the "Setup" file to start the installation.
Now, please visit the link given below to download the latest upgrade patch of build 4617 :
NOTE: Please DO NOT click on the link. Copy the link in the address bar of a new Internet Explorer window and then click on 'Go'.
ftp://191:[email protected]/PDVD7.3/LG/4617/BDHD-U/LG-ODD.4617_TaRe38_DVD081016-07.exe
Please save the file on your desktop and when the download is over, please double click the file to start the installation.
Now, please follow the below given steps to resolve the issue :
- Go to Start-->Search-->Files and folders.
- Under the "search for files and folders name" option, (type in) OLRSubmission.
- Under the "Look in" option, select C: drive.
- Click on "Search now".
After the search is over, it would show you the folder/folders in search window.
- Right click the folders and delete it.

This would resolve your issue.

We appreciate your patience, co-operation and the time that you took in writing to us.
Please feel free to contact us back for any further clarification or for any assistance related to CyberLink Products.
Thank and Regards

CyberLink Technical Support

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