PowerDVD Ultra problems


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I've had PowerDVD Ultra for a few months and I've been playing my HD DVDs fine up today. When I popped in my Lovefilm HD DVD rental of "Flags of Our Fathers" today, all that came up was a black screen and the information was showing a 1.0 mono track etc. I tried one of my HD DVD's "The Road Warrior", which I only watched a fortnight ago and the same thing. I tested it on some Mpeg files on my computer and they played as normal. Then I tried some of the EVO files on my comp that I'd ripped from one of my HD DVDs and Power DVD Ultra crashed. I reinstalled the software but still the same. It seems to be a problem with Evo files for some reasons. I've made no hardware changes at all since this happened. The only thing that's different is that I'm using the S-Video out of my Graphics card at the moment. I usually go to "single VGA display" mode whenever I watched HD DVDs anyway. I dont know why this has happened all of a sudden with Evo files. It's so annoying.

Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance


P.S. I forgot to say that I run the XBOX 360 HD DVD drive via my PC.


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Try using AnyDVD HD


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Someone has recently posted on here (can't remember which thread but a search might uncover it) tha PDVD Ultra can only display HD content on the Primary monitor.
If you have an Nvidia card I believe you can change which monitor is the Primary in the Nview settings - not sure about ATI or onbord gfx though!


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I think I've tried the demo of AnyDVD HD and it expired. I dont think it worked if I remember and I dont want to be spending more money on more software anyway. I've also experimented with the "single display" settings but still no joy. I might go further down that route.
So far though I have had success playing the HD DVD evo files directly from my hard drive but they still wont play directly from the HD DVD. I'll have to keep with this method until it kicks back in. It could be any conflict with PowerDVD Ultra, NVidia card or some codecs because I do also play HD Transport Stream files in DVBViewer and in TS player etc and Power DVD Ultra won't play them.

Anyway, something has gone doo-lally along the way and I'm damned if I know what it is!:confused:



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Well I've discovered one thing which may be of help. PowerDVD Ultra is reading the HD DVDs in "File Mode" as opposed to "Disc Mode" which is how DVDs are read (and play). I dont know why this is happening all of a sudden. So for some reason the software is not reading an HD DVD as a disc and so wont play.
Any more ideas? I have a rented HD DVD of Blood Diamond to watch and at the moment I can't.
If things continue like this, I'm sticking to DVDs for now.:thumbsdow



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system restore to before the problem started?

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