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Mar 28, 2001
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Shaftesbury, Dorset
Having a big problem with powerdvd XP4, every time i insert a disc it causes a reboot. it gets to the splash screen and sometimes the FBI stuff then reboots.

Up until a few days ago it was fine. HD playback is good and flawless.

I have recently updated TT to 1.5 and regionkiller to version 2.

Have patched powerdvd to 1811.

The dvd rom is region free, I think the problem could be regionkiller because dvdgenie works ok and the discs start.

ASUS p4b266 with 1.6p4, 256 ddr, R7500 with 6166 divers, RME sound card ( latest drivers ). Win XP pro, Powerstip doing 720p for HT300.

Any sugestiond before i do a format and reinstall?
Pretty sure its a problem with regionkiller when set to automatic region.
When set to default regions the respective discs play fine. Automatic works OK on Theatertek.
Automatic used to work fine on Powerdvd until I upgraded TT to 1.5 this is the time I started to have problems. Cant see how it can be connected but thats what it seems like.

Reformat tommorow if nobody has any ideas that else to try.

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