Powerdvd MCE plugin


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I know it exists because i ve had it before, but does anyone have a link to the plugin to launch powerdvd from within media center XP i ve been googling it but not been able to find it thought it might be on the greenbutton drawn a blank
The genuine plugin is called "Play Movie" and is available to OEM's only.

Having said that, it is possible to launch PowerDVD automatically when a BD of HD DVD disc is inserted into the optical drive or to launch PowerDVD manually from within "More Programs".

Check out http://blog.mediacentersandbox.com/PermaLink,guid,d3e0afea-17a6-479f-88b1-0369670fe1ff.aspx for the auto-launching instructions. I change the registered program to a shortcut configured to run " Maximised" (saves mucking about).

As far as manually launching (if a disc is already interested), PM me and I'll send you a workable mcl file if you need one.

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