powercut now No Global EYE !


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OK, so i have read a few of these, but i'm totally baffled !

Sky+ with 4 tv's connected via RF2, run through a LOFTBOX distro.

everything has been perfect for the last 3 years !
2 weeks ago, we had a porwecut, now all of a sudden no control via Global EYES on Any tv in the house.

Have tried switching rf votlage on and off etc.
the picture also now shows interference which it never did befor.

there is 8.9v out the back of the sky unit ( and global eye seams to work from here when connected directly to the back )

8.9v shows at input to LOFTBOX

11.2V showm at tv's on LOFTBOX output ( i'm presuming the amp boosts the voltage ).

so having checked all that, i'm no closer..
i've read a few reports that it could be a fault in the sky box ? maybe bad psu, and so not giving enough Volts or current ?

as a separate aside, i've noticed lip sync delay on recorded movies using DD ?

thanks for your help in advance !


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Try unplugging the Sky box and then plugging it back in...that often cures weird issues like this.


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Hi< thanks for the 2 replies.. but neither reallyu help.. have tried all the power off stuff !

they system is wired all ok.. as it's been working for 3 years.

it has also been suggested maybe i have a bad psu in either the sky+box or my ant distro ? any thoughts ?



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If you followed my link, downloaded the instructions and measured the voltage as instructed, you'll be able to tell us whether your power supply is faulty.


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right so i measuredd the voltage on the back of the sky+box.. 8.8v
voltage after cable run at Loftbox amp rf2 input in 8.8v

outputs from loftbox amp are 11.3v, as are the voltages at the TV's around the home.

so i'd say the voltages are ok ?



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That seems fine. Follow the troubleshooting notes and you'll narrow it down to the fault cause. :)


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ok. for those that are interested...

it turned out to be a busted power supply on the Loft box !!!

go figure..

thanks for all the help though

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