PowerAmp Mains problem ?




I have recently added an Musical Fidelity F25 preamp & F16 poweramp to my hc setup to improve CD playback. I was amazed by the difference but I seem to have a really annoying problem
with this new beast!

When I switch on/off any lights in the house there seems to be a surge that causes the front speakers to pop/click for a split second. I think it happens when the fridge kicks in as well because I can here this pop/click every now and again.

I have tried using different mains cables. and different mains points but no luck. I have disconnected everything accept the poweramp with just the mains cable and speaker cable plugged into it and still this clicking?!? Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on and what I can try ?

My setup is as follows :

Denon 3802 PRE-OUT -> F25 Preamp -> F16 Poweramp


Matt Horne

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How about trying one of the silencers from russ andrews.. it has a 30 day money back guarantee if it does not make any difference (about £40 I think) . It should I think stop the clicking..


Or maybe try a mains filter. I use the olson mains filters as advertised in the AV mags .. a more expensive solution but real good quality mains block which you can get a 8 socket inc delivery for under a £100.



For this type of problem, a transient suppressor wired into the mains plug(s) should do the trick. Put one in each, or if you use a 4 way, in the mains plug of the 4-way (or even in them all :) )

69p each from Maplin.


Thanks Chaps!

I'll take a trip down to Maplin on Saturday and try this out.

Thanks again!

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