Power up problems with my new laptop...



Hey everyone,

Just bought a new dell inspiron 6000 laptop and have run into a problem on the first day. Basucally the laptop powers up from the battery only, from the av power socket when the battery is taken out, but will NOT swith on when the battery is in and the power cable connected to the wall socket. I can switch it on from just the battery and then plug in the power cord and its fine.
When I try to switch the laptop on with both the battery and the power cable attached, it starts to turn on, the power light comes on but there is no activity on screen and the laptop doesnt boot up?

Any ideas whats going on and how i can solve it?
Really appreciate your help as I cant get through to dell!

strange, I get something similar on my pc, it won't start up if the monitor is switched off, it will just hang, the monitor has to be switched on before the pc is switched on...


Nobody else has any suggestions? am trying to contact dell but its an uphill struggle


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Yeah this unfortunatley seems like a hardware issue, all I can say is keey trying with Dell. You can try insulting them or telling them you might take up a recent offer on a laptop with HP if they cant get it sorted, that'll kick them into gear :)

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