Power Support screen protector not available till 26th July


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Hmmmm, The Zagg invisible shield is not for me. Don't like the look. Power Support seem to be the most highly recommended for clear glossy hard wearing protection but their site say not available till 26th July.

Any other gooduns like these available?


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not the carphone warehouse one, not the cheap german ones on ebay, and not invisible shield.

play.com have some listed but im not sure i wanna waste more money on them.
might just have to wait till end of juiy i guess.


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I'm hoping Apple will have it, like they have with the ones for the other phones.


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it better not be that expensive.

it should be £10 like the old ones. They came with two screen protectors too so i dont see why the price would be higher.

im not sure if its acurate anyway as power support are shipping them with front and back protection.


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Where are you ordering from the USA website? Apart from mobile fun are there any uk sellers?

Which one is best to get the "HD Anti Glare" or Crystal film?

Not had one of these before so thinking of ordering.

Hmm maybe not from the US site, $20 for film and $28 for shipping.
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I had a antiglare before but I don't know if I will this time because it does effect the clarity of the screen. The screens so beautiful on the iPhone 4 I may just Go for the crystal.

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