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I have just ordered a canadian 360 hd-dvd to work with my Pal console. What will i have to do regarding power to get it to work ok? Is it a case of snipping the existing plug off and fitting a UK one, or should I use a travel adapter, or can i buy something else?

Also, i know hd-dvd films are region free, but will the hd-dvd play region 1 dvds, and my 360 play region 2's?

thanks for any advice...

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Your HD-DVD drive will play the same region discs as the 360 as it's the console that does the region coding, so region 2

In reagrds to power supply, some say to just use a UK 'figure 8' lead and change the fuse from a 5amp to 3amp


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Thanks for the reply - thats a bit pants really, as it means i will have to keep my old dvd player connected to play the region1 discs i have... shame the 360 firmware hack cant sort that out

wish they would get away from all that sort of nonsence and have everything region-free, particularly video games!

cheers for the advice on the power lead, that would tie in with what i have read on some ebay auctions...

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