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In planning my new home install I am likely to end up with a 'node zero' with 4 sources, a switch, an hdmi matrix, a coax amp, 2 or 3 sonos amps and maybe a few more things that I can't think on yet all requiring a plug socket. This will be in a makeshift rack/shelving unit situated in an integral garage.

Has anyone else got a similar setup? How do you handle the power requirements? Do I need to get the electrician to do anything extra, put it on a separate circuit or something? And do I get him to put in a large number of wall sockets or should I use surge protected extension leads?


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There won't be anything of a high enough power consumption to require a separate circuit, although some say it's better to have it on a separate circuit as it reduces mains interference.
I think multiple wall sockets looks a better job, but you get useful surge protection with the plug bars....
Gavin :)


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Thanks Gavin. I was hoping that would be the case. I think I'll get them to put at least 2 double sockets in, and use surge protected extensions to increase the numbers. That way I should be able to keep it reasonably tidy and benefit from the surge protection.


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Personally, I'd suggest getting a proper rack (they're hardly more expensive than shelving - see wall mount racks @ proaudiostash or future networks) and using a rack mount PDU. Using some slotted trunking you can reduce cable clutter to zero, making everything more serviceable and helping with cooling.

Sorry just my 2p :)


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To further Chris' point, you can just buy the rails I believe and then build the enclosure yourself if you want something abit more integrated.

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