Power or integrated amp to pair with Pioneer VSX-LX 302


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Power or integrated amp to pair with Pioneer VSX-LX 302.

Hello folks. Long time lurker. Time I joined in. Been into my music and various separates for 30 years. First go at AV was my Yamaha DSP E800 mated to my Acoustic Energy A,E109s, AE,107SE and AE101 rears. Ran the main L & R With my vintage Rotel RC-971 & 2 mono RB-980BX

Eventually toasted the 109:s. Twas a good night, and Invested in a Pair of Mission 775's. Whilst on holiday few years back my boy had the volume cranked up a bit past 3pm and burst 3 of the Missions woofers. Couldn't part with them so stored them in the loft till I decided what to do with them.

Ended up going for a pair of Klipsch RF-10's. Keeping the AE107se and 101. Went down to one RB-980 and ran this with the E800.

So a little history😁

I've now moved on s bit and current set up is
Pioneer VSX-LX 302
Mission have been reserected with Audax HM170Z16 drivers. Still running these in
Still Running the AE107se Center
Rears are RP-140D
Yamaha NS SW300 sub
Apple 4k TV box
Chord Company Carnival Bi-Wire for Main L &, R. Single run for the centre
Cable Talk Theatre 2.1 for the rears
QED 4k HDMI for connections

Apologies for the history. Didn't just want to jump in with questions.

Really pretty happy with my current set up. But would like some options on changing my centre speaker. Dialog is not as crisp as I'd like it to be. I''m also thinking about adding a power amp to the Pioneer. I'm currently running the Missions in bi-amp with the AV.. My thinking with the addition amp is to free up my hight outputs for a 5:1:2 Atmos set up. Also free up some power from the Pioneer and run my Nad CD seperate.

Suggestions welcome

This is the view from my sofa which is on the back wall

Living room is 13ft wide. 9ft high
28ft long with the recess the TV unit sits i
Sofa is on the back wall. Picture shows my old Samsung

Thanks Paul


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Lots of forum members are using the Audiolab 6000 with their AVRs, it has pass through so you can use it for surround on 2 ch's while inputting your other audio components to it like CD, turntable etc and getting the most out of the music also.
Well done for resurrecting the Missions, most people would have just thrown them away. Always been a fan of Mission and Audax, I actually have a spare set of Audax two25 tweeters knocking about that I used for an old speaker project, Never know they might come in handy one day.



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If you bought a Poweramp or stereo integrated amp your pioneer doesn't have pre outs so you'll be unable to use it.

Need a.new avr

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