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My AVP 700 has been working fine for the last 16 months. This evening, it wouldn't come out of standby mode when I tried to power it up to watch a movie.

I thought it might be the remote so I put new batteries in but that wasn't the problem. I then did what the manual said to do to get out of standby mode and that was to press one of the source buttons on the front of the AVP 700. That didn't work either.

I then disconnected the power cable to the unit and left it off for about 30 minutes. When I hooked it back up, I pushed the power button in on the front of the unit and it immediately went into standby mode (little red light by power switch on). I went through the normal start up process again but the unit wouldn't come out of standby. I can turn the unit completely off by pushing the power button on the front of the unit and get it to go back into standby by pushing it in, but it simply won't come out of standby no matter what I do.

This is the first problem I've had with this unit since I've had it. It is hooked up to a very good power conditioner/surge protector and is not subject to spikes or surges.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. The supplier of this unit is located in another state and is not available at this time to help me. It's still under warranty but I'd hope to not have to ship the unit out for repairs if possible. Is there some kind of "system reset" procedure available? There is nothing in the operational manual.


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Despite the issues getting the unit serviced, servicing does seem the obvious course of action, especially as it's under warranty. Contact the importer in your unspecified country if you cannot contact the original dealer.


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I would try pulling all the cables out and powering it on in case you might have a faulty cable somewhere shorting it.

Also, do you use a programmed remote control system at all and might you have a IR interface connected into the rear panel of the unit (which would disabled the front panel IR input)??

Otherwise back to the shop I'm afraid!


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I had exactly the same problem with my AVP700, no matter what I did to power it on, it went into 'initialising' state, and then dropped straight into standby mode. I boxed it up and took it straight to ARCAM after it had been out of commission for a 2-3 weeks.

Got to ARCAM, plugged in the power lead and.... it loaded it up after initialising.. I couldn't believe it! :eek:

Before it got boxed up I had moved my set-up around, and seemed to think I unplugged it from the mains while still in standby mode... the technician told me that it 'remembers' the state it was in when the unit is disconnected from the mains, and will go straight back to the state it was in previously. How true this is I'm not sure, but it did power up whatever the technician did, and I'm sure he only pressed the standby on the remote... which I had been doing!

I left it with ARCAM to have it serviced while it was there but admit to feeling a silly when it started ok! I'm due to get the unit back sometime next week.

Rather than send it back it might be worth e-mailing ARCAM as they might sort this out without having to send it back, if as they say it remembers some setting or other. I know that some have had slow responses from ARCAM but I have never had any issues with them responding (although another technician never mentioned this 'remembering' ability?!). The guy I spoke to was called Andy... sorry, don't know his surname.

Alternatively you can call them if you can find their number.... in the UK it is 01223 203200.... ARCAM won't thank me for that, you can find it in the UK if you search for it :D

Hope you can get it sorted without having to send it back!
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Thanks for the replies.

Unusual Suspect: My problem is a bit different than yours. I didn't unplug mine nor did we have a power outage. It had previously been working fine until the evening when I wanted to watch a movie and I tried to turn it on from the Standby state that it was in. It simply wouldn't respond to any commands whether they came from the remote or the buttons on the AVP 700 front panel. When I unpulgged it for a time, to see if it would reset itself, it simply went back into Standby mode almost instantly after I plugged it back in (wouldn't even give the indication of initialization, just would go straight to standby).

I got a reset procedure from Arcam but that didn't work either. For general information, the reset procedure is as follows: Press and hold down "FM Mute and Preset Tune" on the front of the AVP 700. While holding both down, press the OK button on the AVP 700. Under normal conditions, this is supposed to reset the unit to factory default conditions. Note: This procedure is not in the manual.

Anyway, I took the AVP 700 out of my system but before I boxed it up to send to a service center, I plugged it in to another outlet in another part of my house. Same problem though. The Arcam rep told me my only recourse was to send it to a service center for troubleshooting and repair. I plan to do that next week.

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