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Hi All,

First post - hope to find an answer that makes sense:

Just bought a Pana TH42PX70 and love it. One frustration though relates to the setting for "power on preference". I am using the TV with 2 x HDMI connections - Sky HD and a JAMO DVD unit. Note - there is no co-ax feed to the TV for std DVB signal.

When turning the TV on, it is defaulting to the TV (DVB) setting, and I have to manually press the "AV" button on the remote to toggle to the HDMI link with Sky HD connected.

This behaviour seems to be the same regardless of which setting the "Power On Preference" is set to (TV or AV). Have phoned Panasonic, and they suggest my HDMI cable may not be fully connected / all pins wired up - can this be the case, or am I missing something, or is there a problem with my TV?

Any suggestions welcomed.



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Good - question - I am not 100% sure which way round I have them - had to completely disconnect everthing when putting Sky HD in. I will check this tonight and report back!

Thanks for the suggestion.


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mine does exactly the same....but the other way round lol....
Mine goes staight to hdmi1....i want it to go to AVI1 !!!!! power on pref is useless !!! LOL


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Sky HD now plugged into HDMI 1 - Power On Preference to AV - works a treat regardless of which is turned on first - TV or Set Top box.

Fantastic - thanks!:thumbsup:

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