Power-off thump

Darren Blake

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Hi there,

Really sorry for the cross-post. I know it'll hack the mods off but I thought I might get a better response from this forum rather than the in-car one.

I have a generic power-off thump problem in my car ICE setup. I've posted it here in the in-car section, but if some of you amp gurus could have a gander I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks. :)

Darren Blake

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It's still happening and it seems to be getting worse. I'm now thinking along the lines of making a relay box to deisconnect the speakers at power off. Can anyone think of any problems with this idea?

Eddy Boy

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From what i know of A/V recievers you have a muting circuit thaty works when changing sources and power on. If the transisters that are responsable for this are damaged this will cause the thump.
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