Power DVD 11 problems with ATI card


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while playing a video file using Power DVD 11 I experienced no video output on the screen but audio was working fine. When I went into the settings I noticed that the GPU hardware acceleration was enabled. After unticking that option the video playback was fine and all was well but the video lagged a lot as the CPU was now being used to process the video which was a Blu Ray file. I want to use the GPU hardware acceleration but don't know how to fix the problem. I have all the current drivers and software to accompany my ATI 4870 so its not that, could there be a problem with the Cyber link software ? Need help urgently !


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Yeah it plays fine in other player that don't use gpu acceleration! I wouldn't have bothered but I only have a dual core and it lags quite a bit with HD movies, its a Intel xeon lol I shall give tthat player you suggested a go and see what happens.


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Make sure Direct-X is up to date and your display driver is too, DXVA2 (GPU acceleration) is reliant on both of those. Making sure the Cyberlink software is up to date wouldn't hurt either.

Many other media players have GPU acceleration, MPC-HC (works out of the box if software is up to date), Potplayer (works out of the box if software is up to date), XBMC (enable DXVA2 in settings), VLC (must be manually activated).

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