Power dimensioning at Node0


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Hi can someone tell what is good practice for AC power dimensioning at Node 0 .I am trying to get this area prewired for my apartment. I was thinking of a dedicated 32A AV ring main with around 6 double sockets. is this the way to go or do you use some specific type of 4-6 or 8 way outlet. I plan to have a NUVO sound system controller/amplifier with tuner option, AV amp, Skybox , Media Center and NAS. Do installers normally run the power directly from sockets or some special kind of distribution block .Is it common practice to clean or protect the AC using a conditioner and UPS?

Also the nuvo systems can they be used for audio while a HD matrix for video and both be seamlessly controlled from a logitech 1100 or a nuvo remote?



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You don't need a 32A ring - not unless you're running MEGA powerful amps lol! You are permitted to have a large number of sockets so long as they are protected locally by an appropriately rated spur.

A UPS isn't really necessary unless you have computer-based devices and/or an unreliable power supply. It can assist if you have a noisy supply, e.g. if you have lots of poor quality dimmers, aircon, or industrial units next door; but would need to supply ALL AV equipment in that is interconnected AND be provided with a clean, seperate earth in that case. So basically, if you're having an MPS4 as part of your Nuvo system, perhaps consider getting a small UPS, otherwise I wouldn't worry.

Ref distribution - it's up to you. Whatever's neatest is probably best :) There is lots of psuedo-scientific ******** spread about power distribution - don't listen to it.

Ref control - DON'T try to use the Nuvo kit for local audio sources. It just becomes a pain. You will presumably be coming out of the HD matrix into an av-receiver or TV in each location? Come out of a variable-level line out on that and into a Nuvo LSA or from a speaker-level output into a Nuvo LSI. These allow local sources to drive the local speakers when the zone is turned off with the keypad.

That way, each part of your system will be doing what it is good at, and NOT trying to muddle through other kit.

The Nuvo system is best controlled by the keypads or iOS interfaces, really - they will give you 2-way control of iPods or MusicPortServer sources, which a Harmony will not. There is also an RF remote, which isn't cheap but is rather sexy.



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Just to clarify - nothing wrong with feeding inputs from Sky etc into Nuvo for whole-home audio, but use that just for whole-home purposes. Local sources = local amps.



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If you are using a 19" rack then use rack PDU's I tend to run one for Video one for audio and one for network (that,s 18 outlets often with a 4 way for low power transformers in the rack) so 21 in total each 6 way PDU from a its own double socket so 3-4 behind the rack 2 high and 2 low or equally spaced. This allows you to isolate power to a service and with the plugs accessible in the PDU's and labelled makes life easier for hard rebooting kit when needed any high draw appliances EG large power amps can be fed direct from the wall outlets if required. To do it properly you need to do full load calcs for each device comon issue is after a powercut everythign trys to turn on at the same time


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Neat idea using seperate pdu's - i'll pinch that for the next good size job! ;)

Have to say for small, low-budget systems, a couple of good quality 4ways attached to 2u blanks is neat and cost effective...
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