Power Cut wiped Memory!!!


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Recently had a power cut whilst watching a recorded episode of 24 and when the power came back I was told there was a fault with the system and to contact Sky. This has also happened before whilst I was out and my girlfriend rang Sky as directed who recommended all sorts of rubbish fixes, none of which worked, surprise surprise. These even included removing all the leads from the Box! They eventually said the Box was nackered and we needed to buy a new one!!! Anyway, when i got home I ran Housekeeping and all was well except we'd lost all the recordings. Bit long winded, but my questions are - do I need a new Box? Why would I lose all my recordings just because of a power cut? Has this happened to anyone else and what advise does anyone have? Thanks in advance.:confused:


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Quite possible that a power cut while the HD was writing or reading totally corrupted the data and when rebooted the SKY+ was not happy with the file stucture so ignored all the recordings.
The Housekeeping function would wipe the hard drive and return to it's virgin state and would solve any errors caused by that power failure.
Never lost anything after the odd power cut we've had over the last couple of years so you might have just been unlucky with the timing.


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My washer sometimes trips the circuit breaker, & I haven't lost any stored recordings (yet). I don't thiink hard drives like being powered down / up, but resolving its' discomfort with house keeping has presumably solved one problem, but in doing so, lost your stuff. Rather like formating then reinstaling the OS on your PC. I don't think there's a way to reinstall Skys 'OS' 'over the top.' If rebooting hasn't worked, then it was all you could do. Just hope that it's ok now.

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