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Been steadily looking at TV's in anticipation of buying something more up to date to replace my old but trusty LG42LD.

Having so far decided and changed my mind on about twenty so far I have noticed that no-one has mentioned power requirements on these here pages. Now I may have missed something but here is a question for those in the know.

How come an OLED (LG55B9) has a power rating of A and an annual consumption of 148 yet the Hisense U8B has a power rating of A+ yet an annual consumption of 170. (figures courtesy of Richer Sounds). How are these derived, presumably they aren't measuring like for like? And how can we, the normal citizen make a decision based on these figures if we are concerned about how much our tv's are costing to use.

For instance I am trying to decide whether to buy the LG B9 (see above) or the Phillips 754 - Power rating B annual consumption 140

All seems a bit strange to me.....


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It's an efficiency figure so it's dependant on size. If you compare the Hisense at the same 55" size to the 148kWh B7 then it's got a nominal energy use of 127kWh, which is why it's graded higher.

Like a lot of these efficiency labels the measurements are often very simplistic and questionable in how representative they are of reality. For example the power consumption is measured at whatever the manufacturer sets out of the box brightness to be, there's no attempt to measure the TVs with comparable outputs to each other.

The details of the measurements for the TV label are here:

I'd advise ignoring small differences of less than a couple of grades on any of these efficiency labels.


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Looking at the same RS site the LG has a Annual 148 and the Philips 205, so not sure were your figures came from. Hi-Sense came in at 127. Which makes the power ratings correct.
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