Power consumption - Plasma Vs CRT?


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Im going from a 28" widescreen CRT to a 37" Plasma, but i've no idea how these 2 compare on power usage?

Is Plasma a particularly efficient choice?


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hmmm i'm not expert but i recently had the same question.

Apparently plasmas using varying amount of electricity dependant on the brightness etc.

I found from other people that my Pan 42 px70 uses on avg. 160watts but could be more or even less.

I also read from others that they thought an older sony CRT 28 - 32" uses about 120 watts.

They say LCD is more effecient but runs at the same wattage all the time so plasma / LCD are on avg. roughly the same.

How accurate this is i do not know but its hardly much if its roughly right.


You'll find they are all much of a muchness per unit area of screen. A 37" plasma uses more juice than a 28" CRT, but it's bigger. As it happens, judging by the consumption stickers on the back of plasmas, Vieras are not the most efficient plasmas. They use 25% more than their THxxPH commercial equivalent, presumably it's the speakers and tuner. 60" Pioneers will obviously make quite a hit on your energy budget, simply owing to vast size. They are more than 4 times the size of that CRT, and use more than 4 x the electricity.


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I also heard the older CRT's like my sony which is probably about 7 years old are not as good with energy as the newer sony CRT's.

All in all i doubt you will notice much difference in your electricity consumption. If you have an old CRT and are moving to modest size 37 or 42 inch plasma the difference might be minimal.

I know this is probably purely an interest thing but if anyone is worrying about an extra pound or 2 on their bill because they bought a plasma - shouldn't worry, that would be crazy. :)

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