Power consumption By Subwoofers


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I recently got a PSW2500. I just wondered if most people unplug there subwoofers at night or leave them on.

Does anyone have any info on Power consumption in standby or is this not something that I need to worry about.



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My sub (DD15) is never turned off. It is left on auto so it turns it self onto standby after a few minutes of innactivity, and then wakes itself up when a signal is received. Some electrical items left on standby draw a little current, possibly equivalent to a clock radio or something like that.


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I leave my M&K on permanently (most amps are perform best when warm). I cant say I've noticed any huge increases in my electricity bill.

Ian J

I'm sure this was posted in another thread this week and a figure of 15watts was quoted.

I have never switched mine off at night


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I think the PSW2500 has an auto-off circuit so will essentially be in "Standby" when not in use. Most electrical equipment uses <5W in standby mode.

As Ian said, earlier in the week a similar question was asked of the BK XLS200 which doesn't have a standby mode. When it was "idling" it consumed 15W.

Obviously when they're running subwoofers will consume more power than that, this should be written on the amplifier panel. :)


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I have a Kef PSW 2010 which came with my Eggs. It has been on constantly for nearly a year sitting in standby mode without a hitch.

Just before christmas, we went on holiday for a week so i unplugged it. When i returned, the Amp board decided to pack up after playing the 1st film. Maybe pushed too hard when cold, or just a strange coincidence........

Thumbs up to Sevenoaks for lending me their demo one whilst Kef replaced mine FOC without even checking the date on the reciept which could mean this is a known fault. :eek:

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