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Power Conditioning


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How do you know it is noisy?


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I have a couple of these, but for the surge suppression side rather than conditioning. I'm in the camp that the equipment PSU has sufficient power conditioning itself to cater for all but the most extreme power problems.

As larkone says, what makes you believe you have a noisy mains problem?


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Has anyone used or have knowledge of the Surgex SA132 power conditioner? I want to clean up a noisy mains supply ....
It's a very expensive device with only two sockets; you could get a Belkin or Tacima to handle surge protection and RFI filtering with more sockets to cover more devices for a fraction of the price. I'm using a Belkin.

"Noisy mains" could mean almost anything, the term being so imprecise. For example, if you're suffering from voltage fluctuations, this Surgex model won't be of any use. Perhaps you could post some graphs showing the measurements of the noise you're trying to fix, so we could address the specific problem(s)?


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The SA132 is also made from steel, bulky, and heavy, so don't expect it to fit where a normal strip will go. Mine feed other made up leads of appropriate lengths to keep things tidy. But on the surge protection front it doesn't use metal-oxide varistor (MOV) technology. Whilst MOV's will give protection, they are essentially sacrificial - so if your strip does it job expect the MOV's to be blown or damaged.

MOV based strips have a "protection enabled" light, which reflects the status of the components, so it's good to check that once in a while. I think it is only the APC SurgeArrest strips which actually kill power to the kit when the protection gives out, so at least you know the protection is no longer there.

I've not put a scope on the mains before and after to look for any noise filtering effect, if time permits I might just to see is anything stands out. Even getting them trade they are expensive, but having found my previous strips had blown MOVs I went looking for a more robust solution.

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