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Power cables and mains purifiers

Timmy C

Distinguished Member
I was wondering what the people at Arcam or any of you that have tried them think of expensive mains cables and Russ Andrews style power blocks and mains conditioners. I've put this in the Arcam forum as I'm interested in the thoughts from those with Arcam kit rather than the usual talk of them helping with some makes of kit and not with others.

I've got a bunch of expensive (ish) mains cables and a Russ Andrews purifier block in my system at the moment that I'm going to take out in six months time to see if I miss them at all. I thought that would be more sensible than constant swapping of cables and trying to hear a difference!

Just wondered what the rest of you thought on the subject.


Well-known Member
Im using a little known make of mains cable by a company called Atlas.

Have to say it certainly perked things up a bit.

Im also using a dedicated spur which also helps.
At the end of the day it depends on what you start with in terms of interference. An expensive cable cannot 'improve' the electricity going to your system but it may filter out some nasties that are there. An expensive mains block will improve a system using a noisy mains supply but will have less effect on an already clean supply.

My mains is pretty noisy and a mains filter block has had a definate and audible effect in my system but that's only because it's solving a particular problem I have. If you don't have a problem, you don't need a cure. Or summink.


I have got a Nordost Vishnu on both my AV8 and P7. I got a lend of one initially for the P7 when the Vishnu was launched (with the bigger 15 amp IEC on it) and the difference was huge.

I know there is loads of sceptics when it comes to mains cables - I was one of them.

Everything sounded better, bigger, more detailed.

I bought the second one off ebay for the AV8 about 6 months later.

Well worth it in my opinion, the Shiva is supposed to be good as well.

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