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Power cable question


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I have an old 37" plasma Panasonic Vieira TV wall mounted in our Family room. I have had an HDMI cable and the power cable hidden behind the wall. It is now due an upgrade and I wanted to go for an LED TV. I'm guessing the power cable would be different on a newer tv.. What are my options? I don't really want to dig out the old cable so is there some sort of adapter I can use? Or do many newer TVs still use the old kettle style power cables?

Any help appreciated.


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You,ll need to decide on the TV first to see how its powered.
Some are hard wired, meaning you,d have to disassemble the TV, that would be a problem of course.

Assuming the type you select is not hard wired, and that you know how to wire a 3 pin plug properly and safely, Then there are adaptors and diy kits available from the likes of maplins that can change any standard type mains connection to any other type mains connection.

If yours is a standard kettle lead type you may be OK, but my Panasonic plasma has a proprietary clip on type lead that wouldnt fit a standard kettle lead socket.
Thats not a big deal though, you could simply snip of the end and wire to the correct connector type.

Warranty is another issue of course.
Using anything other than the supplied type of lead usually invalidates the warranty.
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Thanks for responses guys. Is there anywhere that sells a kettle male to 13A plug socket? This would in effect change my cable to an extension cable without me having to cut anything..

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