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Hi, my Anker Power Bank has given up so I'm after a replacement to use with our iPhones and iPads mainly. What do you recommend? Thanks


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I have a couple of Ravpower power banks, had them a while and there still going strong.


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Edit. Sorry, post deleted because Amazon links are the latest thing to be broken on this forum :facepalm:
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I purchased a tecknet in 2014 and rav power in 2017 from Amazon and both are still going strong. The model numbers are discontinued such is the pace of change but I would buy both brands again. I prefer the tecknet because it has a proper on/off button where the rav power does not


After some testing and comparison, I've decided to get Villain power bank few months ago, when there was a discount on them. I thought that discount can be as a sign of bad quality, but I was wrong, it works perfectly, and it's 20000 mAh - last for 5 days of travelling.

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