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power amp upgrade


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Hello fellow enthusiasts, I am after some advice. Having recently purchased an Oppo 95 and enjoyed listening to SACD/DVD-audio, and now hoping Blu-ray-audio may become available in the not so distant future, this has had me looking at week points in my system, and I was wandering if I should be looking at upgrading the amplification to the sides at some point. Currently I am running a 7.1 system, for this I am using a Bryston 9Bsst to power my Dynaudio front, center and rear speakers, and a Cambridge 40w per channel amp for my Definitive BP1X bipolar sides.
I was considering replacing the Cambridge with an Audiolab 8000P, or would I be better looking at say a Bryston 4bst/sst, using this to drive my Dyn audience 82's front spks, then use the 9Bsst for all other channels, or would you not even bother?

I am considering upgrading the sides at some point, though I am unsure what to just yet? :confused:
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I'd switch the amp - channel connections so that the rears are driven by the CA and the surrounds by the 9Bsst. The reason is trivial: SACD and DVD-A are 5.1 formats, and it makes sense to use the better power amplifier to drive all 5 channels used by SACD / DVD-A, rather than splitting them between the Bryston and the Cambridge Audio.

If and when 7.1 BD-Audio becomes relevant you can consider upgrading the setup. A separate Bryston for the front pair would make sense (CD), but for multichannel music, I'd suggest a 6B SST 3 channel amp, since the centre is no less critical than the left and right.
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Thanks Mark, this makes sense. Before I got the Oppo my htpc s/c would split the rear duties to both sets of rear/side speakers so this didn't seem to matter to me, now the sides are being used as they should it seems more important for me to address this. I will give it a go and see.

I really need to sort out my rear/side speaker set up, I may look at DIY sides or even in ceiling speakers for both sets if this would work? then at least the side back would be singing from the same song sheet, but this is for another thread.

Thanks again for your help :smashin:

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