Power Amp & Processor or Big Integrated Amp

jon smith

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As some of you will know, I have been looking to get a big intergated amp - one of the old 5.1 flagships.

Over on the dvd forums, someone mentioned getting a rotel power amp that got me thinking.

What would give me the best sound for around £450-500 (2nd hand obviously)

1. Big Integrated amp, like the Yammy DSP A1

2. Rotel power amp with something like the Sony 9ES Dolby digital processor or the Technics AC300 (i know this won't decode analogue pro logic, but don't put my TV thru the amp very often and don't have a VCR).

Just need to connect a DVD player and XBox.

Obviously, i'm not too bothered by the newer sound formats (and not really that bothered by DTS) - just want the best Dolby Digital sound I can get for the money.

Would like to upgrade the Sony in time, but funds a little short at the mo (i'm selling my Marantz 7200 and adding a bit). This combo would work though wouldn't it...

Any help would be much appreciated as i've always stuck to the simpler integrated option before.

Would be using Kef Eggs as the speakers...



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Hi Jon,
As I mentioned the Sony tae9000es would slaughter any intergrated amp whatever the size, especially with a Rotel amp. You would be very happy with your choice. :D


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