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Jan 31, 2002
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Hi folks,

I've just bought a AV32r and I am looking for ideas regarding a power amp to use with it.
I think I'll be looking at about the £600 but this will be in a couple of months anyway, currently I'm going to use my Marantz SR7200 to power the TAG.

Any ideas on what to get ??

How many channels of amplification are you looking for?.....if you're looking for just 2,some of the Rotels are quite nice,and should give you the power you're after...otherwise,it may well be worth looking via www.ex-dem.com or perhaps ebay.

I will be looking to power all 5.

I'll have a look at that site.

I was thinking of a Rotel 985MkII, will this power my Tannoy Revolutions R3's??
Nobody got any other ideas ??.

My budget at the moment is about £400.
Thats a shame.

I've heard some good things about the Parasound 1205a, what have you upgraded to?

I bought the tag power amp, second hand again. A great amp and upgrade, I know some people dont like it but I think its a definite improvement over the rotel.
Well folks, I've went for the Parasound 1205a.

Just waiting for it to arrive now.

you wont be dissapointed with the parasound, I have had an 855a then moved up to a 2205a which is just awesome, I have only just bought a cinepro3k and hope it is a good move, the parasound was spot on but my new room is 3x bigger so I thought the cinepro may come in useful.
But as far as sound and muscle goes the parasounds are excellent, I compared the rotel 1075 with the little parasound 855a which is only rated at 80w per channel and it was smoother, louder and more detailed, then the jump to the 2205 was unreal, so if the 1205 sits between these 2 then I think you will be a very happy bunny :D
Lets hope so it arrives on Monday/Tuesday. :D
Just waiting on the Parasound.

Mods please close.
why should they close it ? :confused:
Originally posted by Plump
why should they close it ? :confused:

Thats what I thought, but didn't want to say anything :)

So you got your amp yet Rad ?? what do you think ??
Oops sorry.

Still waiting for it to arrive, hopefully this weekend or Monday.

Might even be today. woo hoo :clap:

It's just arrived, it's a big thing.

I'll let you know how it performs once I get it setup.

Ok then here goes,

I set it up at 75db on the old sound meter which meant I had to lower the TAG by about -3 to -5db (is 75db the correct reference level ??).

Played a few tunes I know quite well and wow was I impressed.
The amp is very punchy, bass seems lower than it was before with more power and quicker as well, seperation was very impressive with even my g/f admitting that it sounded very good.
Highs are clearly defined without being hard on the ears, mids seem more musical and noticable than before.
All in all this is a very good power amp with a punchy performance so I think it suits the TAG very well, no problem at all powering my speakers (Tannoy reolutions R3's R1'3 and RC which are very easy on amps anyway).

I'm very happy with it and a bit of a steal at the price I paid for it.
Sorry if this ain't too technical of a review but I just like listening to my music and not analysing it too much, I think this'll keep me happy for quite a while with maybe the next upgrade being the 192 DAC's for the TAG.

I'm off to listen to some music now, I'll maybe watch a film later tonight and let you know how it performs with that.

One question, do you guys think it's worth getting the PLII upgrade for my TAG or is it quite close to the TM5 surround format.
I seem to remember from my Marantz that PLII was a lot better than PL but the PL on the TAG is very impressive, is the main difference between the 2 that PLII uses the 5 speakers ?.

Glad you like the amp, I have never heard anyone say that they did not get on with a Parasound.

Can't answer your PLII upgrade question as I don't have a Tag, but on my Meridian there is not a great deal of difference between PL and II.

But then when I am being critical it is normally in DD or DTS anyway.
Now you say DD and DTS, I seem to remember that was how I used to compare PL and PLII,PL was like DD and PLII was like DTS.

Damm, Now I want to get it :rolleyes:


Just get it then, at least you know you are not missing out any anything that way ;)
Hi Rad,
I have had the Tag AV32 SP for about 5 Months now and I cannot rate it highly enough.
I had the 192 Dacs Fitted not long after buying it and can say unreservibly that thay make a differance - So go get 'em fitted.

As for the PL2 - Fantastic is a word that sums it up. If you watch TV and use PL2 it takes TV sound to a different level. So again I would say go get it activated.

As for DD & DTS, hey they are both fantastic - after all it is the TAG AV32 we are talking about!!!

Seriously, there is an eternal debate about which is better, I say it is down to the Film itself. I have got Termiator 2 Ulimate edition DD & DTS. I thinks it is better in DD 5.1.

Blade 2 better in DTS. So on and on.

I have a Belcanto running the 2 Main channels & a Rotel the Rears and Centre.

I meant on my earlier post that if I am sitting down and really listening to my system, I am not usually watching tv, it is usually with dvd or maybe d-vhs, I don't use mine for alot of tv viewing, so what I was getting at was PLII isn't that big a deal for me.

I agree U-571 in DD from D-theater sounds so much better than the DTS mix on DVD, and the dts on that disc is superb.
Get PL2 it is good. If you want the dac upgrade, I would get it done fairly pronto if I were you ;)
Here we go again another Tag Rumour come on let us into the secret:rolleyes:
It is actually sad story. He was one of biggest "pro TAG" fans here and now he is using each opportunity to put shame on them. Udo was not correct and honest at all, but it is so when you run business. Simmilar to politics, only not that extreme.

It is indeed not easy to believe TAG will make it after crap they did last summer, but for us, TAG owners, we simply have to hope they will survive.

Time will show, and until then we can either sell our kit or hope the best.

Beekeeper, please understand one thing: the more you repeat those claims, more people will start to suspect, that means less buyers , less business etc. This way you might be helping them to crash down. Do not underestimate power of www.


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