Power Amp Advice sought for Marantz/B&W802



Hi all.

I am a new member to AVForums and I am turning to the experts here to get a bit of advice regarding the purchase of a power amplifier. Right now I am running a Marantz SR8200 A/V receiver hooked to the following speaker setup:

Fronts: B&W Nautilus 802
Surrounds: Axiom QS8
Center: B&W HTM2

I am looking to add a power amp to this setup to drive the two B&W 802 front speakers. This could either be a stereo power amp or two monoblocks.

There are some space restrictions. Ideally, each amp should be within the following dimensions: (I have an existing cabinet that I do not want to chop up and throw into fireplace)

440mm wide
450mm deep
180mm high

So if I go for two monoblocks I would be looking at something 2 x 180mm = 360mm high.

Of course, there is also a budget to respect. Available funds range in the Euro 3000 - Euro 4000 range (that is $3600 - $4800 for the US guys)

Hence my question...
Which types of stereo power amplifier or monoblocks would the experts recommend for my setup?

Your feedback is most appreciated.
Rik Gruwez
Brugge, Belgium


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Hi Rik...welcome to the AVForums.

As you'll find from other posts here re the Nautilus series B&Ws,you do need a good powerful amp to get the best out of your speakers,which present a fairly difficult load to many amps,especially in the LF region,where the speaker's impedance drops below 4 ohms for substantial periods.

This in turn requires a good current delivery from any amp you choose....you could look at the Krell 400i integrated,as well as possibly the Densen and Bow,which a number of other people recommend(my own choice would be the Krell,or the Bryston integrated,if you go down that route.)

Otherwise,you would need to be looking at a pre/power combination of not less than 100W/channel,and preferably able to easily double that into 4 ohms,and your best option there would be to look for either used or ex-dem Krell or Bryston amps,although the Krells probably will not fit your space requirements.

Another possibility is the range of Brystons designed for mounting on or near the speakers,with a suitable preamp.

It's worth mentioning also that you will find the 800 series are often auditioned with either of these brands,with which they work well,both sound-wise,and electrically.

Pat Marcus

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What a lovely set of speakers with which to play. You are about to unleash a totally new level of performance with a proper power amp. You particularly need an amp with strong CURRENT delivery, as well as a decent number of watts per channel. There is loads of choice. I am a meridian fan and the two channel G57 and 559 will both sound great. Ive also heard the 802s sing with Audionet amplification, one of the bigger Naims, Bryston, krell, boulder, conrad johnson, muscial fidelity and loads of others. Canadian brand Classe, part of the B&W stable are all designed using Nautilus speakers for testing and therefore make an obvious fit. If It was my money I think Id start with a Krell 2250.

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