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Matt Horne

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I have been toying with the idea of going to a Pre / Power solution for my home cinema. Currently I am using :

Arcam DV88+
Yamaha RV695 (something like that) AV Amp,
Mission M7* Speakers

Now I would like to get better 2 channel stereo out of this as well as home cinema.. the only other constrant is I do not want to spend a fortune (under a grand).. I would be buying on the Power amp first and using the Yam as a processor until I could afford a good processor.

Is there any reason for not getting 3 pairs of stereo power amps to use over one intergrated box ?

Can anyone recommend any 5 channel amps / 2 Channel amps which would do the job.. I do not mind looking second hand either to get better value for money.

Any help here would be great!




I think the Rotels are well rated and can be picked up cheaply second-hand. I think the number is something like 962 but not sure. I am interested in taking this route also.



Hi Matt

there are a few very good pre/pro for sale in the classified section of this forum

meridian 561 prosessor £1000

lexicon mc-1 £ 1850

as for power amps there are loads

marantz 5 channel 150w
marantz mono blocks 130w
rotel 5 channel or 2 channel

i m using a meridian processor and marantz amps, and the sound is amazing IMO



Matt Horne

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Whats the rough sort of prices for the power amps.. I really want to stay under a grand for either a five channel amp or 3 x stereo powers..

(Well in fact the less I pay the better :) )

I want to get the power side sorted before I look at buying the Processor.. too expensive to do it together..



Matt Horne

Well-known Member
To continue...

How about

3 x Arcam P75 (or P75 + )

Would there be any setup problems with using these feed via the pre-outs of the Yamaha?




It seems you are keem on arcam amps. If you only need 5 channels of amplification, for around £1000 I would go for :

P85/3 : 3 channel amp for your front L/R
p75 : 2 channel amp for your surrounds

Spending more on your front 3 should give better performance for stereo + av

Alternitavely the rotel 5 channel 1075 gets good reviews.

You should have a listen and see which amplification you prefer.


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