potentially stupid question re:bi-wiring


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Ok I've got a potentially embarrassingly stupid question to ask so play nice. Have just bought some Ixos XHS213 4 core Bi-Wire speaker cable to wire up my Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 5.1 package. My question is the cable is all copper and doesn't have any distinguishing marks as to what needs to go to the positive & negative terminals on my speakers (was used to silver for + and copper for - on my Denon DHT500SD). Can these be plugged into either terminal or am I missing some small piece of information with my mole like vision ? All help and non sarcastic replies to my idiocy would be appreciated :smashin:

Thanks in advance

Steve N

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It doesn't matter so long as you get it right from the amp to the speakers.
positive/red to positive/red, negative/black to negative/black.


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Thanks for all your replys. I'm going to try getting these wired up to my new yamaha dsp757 amp tonight when I get home. Hopefully it won't take too long.

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