Sasso Palmieri

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Basically, I've got two orders. Should the second one actually materialise, I will sell it here. All I ask is a flat £300 plus postage.

Naturally, I joke. :D It'll be cost, plus whatever delivery you choose, from carrier pigeon to same-day courier.

Any activity and I'll post here to confirm that it's gone onto the sales page - wherever that is.

Here's hoping I can sort at least one person out. :smashin:


Established Member
I'd of course be willing to take advantage of such a generous offer if (and when hopefully) the opportunity arises.... :thumbsup:

Sasso Palmieri

Established Member
I'm not going to sell it here, just letting people know that if I get a duplicate unit, it will be for sale in the trading section.

If I whack it in the trading forum without mentioning it, a lot of people - myself included - would never have known it was there. Ergo, the heads up here will point to the listing in the appropriate place.

EDIT: Having just checked the first post, I can see how my entry made you think I'd post it here.


PS - I was going to occasionally bump the topic just so as many people as possible know about it - it'll only be cost plus delivery, unlike the shameful profiteer I came across.

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