Potential upgrades of budget audio system, Advice wanted.

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    Hope this is the correct place to post. If not, sorry, please move it.

    I currently my 'entertainment center' connected to my audio setup which constists of;

    Logitech Z680 Amplifier and Subwoofer
    2x Gale Gold Monitor front speakers
    1x cheap Mission center speaker
    2x Logitech Z680 rear speakers

    I was quite happy with the performance of the system while running it as logitech intented, however now I've added the Gale speakers at the front it does sound better, however prehaps with a little bit too much bass for the front speakers. I presume this is because the system was only intented to run satalites and the sub.

    I mainly use the system for TV from the digitalbox, DVDs though optical connection and 6 channel direct connection to the PC for MP3s with an Audigy 2 ZS.

    I am considering either getting an additional set of Gale Monitors to put on the rear ((about £45 on ebay)instead of the little logitechs) or/and using a spare Yahama subwoofer and getting a cheap amplifer to go with it.

    Question is would It be worth replacing the logitech amplifer (I like it because it does DTS/DD5.1 and everything plugs on at once,) or should I just replace the rear speakers?

    Thanks in advance. Sorry if the post is a bit muddily. I know what I mean. ! :)
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    You could pop into somewhere like Richer Sounds and demo an av amp/amp and a couple of Gales and see what you like the sound of best.....:smashin:

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