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I'm in the lucky position of having two home cinema rooms. Screen 1 (;)) is where all the best kit currently resides, accompanying the CRT projector. It's also the larger room.

I have an opportunity to buy a brand new boxed package containing all this: http://www.av-sales.com/html/harman_kardon_infinity_system.html for £1k. I really fancy the upgrade to 7.1 sound but I'm worried that it won't be up to the job of filling my 3m x 6m room with sound. Currently I'm using an Arcam AVR100, DV88 and Mission 7 series speaker set, the Arcam stuff can then move to Screen 2.

So would this be an upgrade or not? Is it a good price? Are modern sattellite systems comparable to floor standers (to hijack a quote from the motoring world, "there's no substitute for cubic inches")

All comments gratefully received...


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I know kit looks good when its all the same brand but your arcam dvd player should be in your best system, and the system that you have been offered is probably worth the money but i feel would be a sideways step rather than an upgrade.

I have had the avr100 and was not that impressed, maybe change this for a 7.1 amp (avr300 soon) or add power amp and do what most of us do and save for a processor in the future.


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If you decide not to go for it, I'd certainly be interested at that price. :)

I was looking at getting the new HK AVR 330 and DVD 22 with the Infinity Oreus speakers, but this looks like a similarly specified package, without some of the "extra" features of the newer models but at a bargain price.

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