Potential issue


Just finishing up my new cinema and I might have made a massive mistake.

My set-up is as follows:

- PS3
- Synology media server
- SkyHD

- Atmos amp (yet to be purchased)

- Samsung UE55JS800

I've run the following to the TV area from the AMP:
- 2 x HDMI2.0 (I ran two incase one dies or has an issue)
- Cat 5 cable from GiGabit switch (linked to network and internet)

My issues is the following:
I was hoping to supplement my viewing with NetFlix direct from my TV however I have no way to get the sound back to the receiver. I was going to use the ARC HDMI connector but apparently it doesn't really work, certainly not with atmos and some say Denon have issues handling it. I have no way whatsoever of getting a new cable to the tv. Am I screwed?
ARC should work fine but be aware that it wont give you any HD audio formats, nor is there anyway of doing this from the SmartTv.

However if Netflix audio is important to you then just get the netflix app on the PS3.


ah ok, so smart TV is not my friend. Much better to go via PS3 (or PS4). Think i'll do that and will probably always have a box (sky, Tivo) linked to a dish via the amp... normal service resumed ;)

Guess the smart TV and all that jazz is for people without the separates?

thanks, got in one of those tired panics ;)
Smart TV can be your friend but not for HD audio, it still offers decent audio capabilities but just not HD audio. Yes definitley link sources direct to the AMP not the TV if HD audio is important.

Just because im a bit pedantic :) there is no such thing has HDMI 2.0 cable so hope you didnt pay over the odds for them.


Probably paid slightly over the odds but didn't get drawn right in, just went for a couple of ok cables from different manufacturers to cover myself incase one has an issue.

HD audio is important where possible. Thanks for the pointers

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