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Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by Ianmoticon, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Unlike many other set top boxes, the i-Player does not have an electronic programme guide (EPG) which allows you to see a whole day or several days ahead. Netgem has not given any date as to when this may be available, or indeed if it is ever going to be available. Many present i-Player users are frustrated by this and believe that it will never be implemented.

    My advice is to buy another set top box with an EPG.
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    The problems with the iPlayer go much deeper. The missing EPG we were promised last spring is just a symptom of Netgems lack of interest in its product or customers.

    The real problem is that the box is unbelievably unstable. Using almost any added feature (web browsing, digicam/flash card reading, video streaming) crashes the box quickly. My wife can crash it just changing channels, she now uses analogue where possible. I just don't use it.

    Its an end-of-life product, upgrades are taking 10 months for major bug fixes and no-one expects new features, mostly because Netgem crammed so much unwanted crap into the roms there's no space left to add useful stuff like the promised EPG!

    All it does well is display TV (though not at full broadcast resolution AFAIK). I could have bought 2 plain DvB decoders for what my iPlayer cost... not a good deal.

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