Question Potential Fridge Issues?

Discussion in 'Domestic White Goods Forum' started by jambokaos87, Jul 23, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    Recently moved into my flat and there is an integrated Electrolux ERN2821 fridge/freezer in situe.

    I've noticed in recent weeks (been living there for just over a month and a half) that the fridge doesn't seem to be keeping "cool" for long periods.

    I recently installed an analogue fridge thermometer and noticed that the temp was often above 5C. I then turned the dial for the fridge up to "4" and that seems to be doing better but it is still seemingly struggling to maintain a consistent temp. Interestingly I've noticed my fridge seems to perform much better when it is more full of food.... I would have thought that the fuller it was, the more it would struggle to keep cool?

    I've not been opening the fridge door often either to try and keep the fridge cool. I check the temps once a day.
    I know (from reading the manual) that this fridge has some kind of automatic defrosting mechanism that melts the build up of ice on the back wall of the fridge. Could it be that is being over-zealous and warming the fridge up too much?

    Is it worth even getting someone out to look at it? Or just taking the punt and getting a brand new one installed when convenient?


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