Potential cinema room, advice much needed please!


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Hello All!!!

I'm considering converting one of our rooms into a dedicated cinema / media room and am really hoping for some initial (and probable future) guidance from anybody with any experience :)

My main concern is that the room I'm looking at converting isn't 100% ideal. Sure, it has 4 walls, but none without an obstruction of some kind! I would be very greatful if someone took a minute or two to view the attached pictures and give feedback on whether I should really bother using this room as a home cinema...

Normal pics:

IMG_5403.JPG IMG_5404.JPG IMG_5405.JPG IMG_5406.JPG

Pano pics, to try and give you all a better view (darn my narrow cam lens!):

IMG_5407.JPG IMG_5408.JPG IMG_5409.JPG

Also, please excuse the mess - this was my brothers old pit ;P

So the room is approx 4 metres by 3 metres, a fair size, but the problems are obvious;
- 1 wall is a recessed storage area next to a radiator
- 1 wall has a window
- 1 wall is really half a wall
- the final wall (with the city skyline) is the only fairly suitable area to fit a screen to...

...but what with the ceiling dropping for 1/3 of the room, how negatively will this affect the distribution of any sound from any surround system I would potentially install? Is there a way around that problem, sound absorption material perhaps, or is the slant high up enough to not affect sound projection at ear level when seated?

My idea for the setup is have a screen replace the cityscape but then again, I wonder just how negatively this may be with light reflecting off of the lowered ceiling? I imagine I'd have to make all of the walls black to solve this rather than just the screen wall for the room to look okay? There isn't really much of an option to build out from the screen wall either as the door opens right next to it. I also wonder if the screen space is large enough - it looks like it would be but as far as the aspect ratios of projectors go and distance required from the screen wall, I'm inexperienced. Any guidance here would be appreciated as this would be the make or break of this potential project - after all, there's no point in a home cinema without a large screen!!! (the photos don't do the best justice for available wall space - look at the window wall picture for a better representation!)

On the plus side, there is plenty of floor space once the room is cleared out so I'm considering having 2-3 reclining leather chairs with another 2-3 on a slightly elevated second row. I'd also like to have floor spot lights illuminating the walls or / and LED strips perhaps, and replace the old and tattered carpet. If I go ahead, the whole room would undergo a make-over. The storage recess could be used for storing all equipment and movies as well as a mini bar and anything else I can think of! This is indeed just the basic and typical norm requirements voiced by many of us, but I'm only at the brain-storming stage.

Equipment wise, I'd need a new speaker system and amp - looking at an Onkyo TX-NR626 for that. I see a fair few users on here have spoken highly of it and it seems to have good reviews and isn't too expensive. Money wise, I'll spend what I believe I need to but I love getting the best bang for my buck! :)

So what would you do to make this room home cinema worthy, if it is indeed possible? Any help and comments will be appreciated :)

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Could you not build in the wardrobe leaving a small area for housing your equipment and fridge and cable runs. This will allow you to make use of that larger wall. The camb ceiling would make a projector awkward


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Put a large rectangle on the wall, grab a couple of chairs and just see what you think.

There's no point us saying if it's suitable as we all have different tastes and expectations. Yes it will be massively compromised compared to if you have a room 4 times as big but if you're after something the next size up from just a TV then you're likely to be more than happy.


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Okay, I re-read my post and it's a lot of rambling and thinking out loud which I apologise for. I simply got excited by all the ideas and inspiration I've drawn from seeing others projects! But I am thankful for the quick replies, it's appreciated.

Of course, Geps you're correct - everyone has different tastes etc.

So let me be frank and ask some real questions that will actually help;

  • Is the Onkyo TX-NR626 a good choice for a receiver, or thoughts on the brand if no specific knowledge of that model. Any alternatives I should be looking at as well?
  • This would be my first time buying individual speakers, are there any that are a sure bet for handling movies? I've only every had 'all in one' home cinema systems.
  • I've educated myself on projector aspect ratios, viewing distances etc. but could anyone recommend a good one - fair contrast, mainly movie viewing in 16:9 HD, usually viewing whilst dark outside so it doesn't have to be the brightest of the bright. Just a good picture. Budget of about £600. I'm not asking for a specific model (unless anyone's got time to kill : ), just to point me in the right direction. Reviews on Google are either biased, out of date or offer projectors that cost silly money!
  • Linked to the above I suppose, and I know it can differ from one projector to the next, but what would be the approximate max screen size (inches) I could expect if projecting from a distance of 3.50-4 metres with a projector in my budget range? Or will I be fine with whatever...?
  • Chris, thank you also for your quick reply. Whilst that wall is larger overall, the cityscape wall is actually much larger than the photos portray. The potential screen space measures about 205cm (80in) horizontally by 178cm (70in) vertically which would produce a 91.75in diameter screen size when displaying a 16:9 image if my math is correct (vertical limited to 45in in this ratio).
I really do apologise for how basic these questions are and I'm thankful for anyone's patience. I'm obviously a novice but once I know the basics and know the end goal is achievable from a technical point of view (no projector pun intended xD ), then I can focus on what I'm good at and design a full blown home cinema room. I'd post progress here for peoples advice and criticism as others have done for anyone interested. Others threads are what kicked me into making the decision so thank you avforum users!!! :)


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I personally would be inclined to look at having a drop down screen on the wall where your radiator is, a short throw projector, and seats against the back wall that has the slopping roof.

I would also give it a good clean out and removed anything you can, then maybe have a think about it again.


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Try the general and setup subforum of this forum for your questions.....people there often have their own home cinemas setup compared to the people on here who are typically in the same boat as you and are at the planning and designing stages.

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