Posterization and blockiness UE55C8000


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Hi all

Ive had my UE55C8000 for probably around 8 weeks and have had a few issues which have bugged me a little, early on there was slight flashlighting in the bottom left which isnt too bad now with the backlight turned down to around 10 or 11 and when switching between sources/channels when there is a black screen you can see the clouding but it is not apparent when watching normal tv and on some HD tv programs in dark areas in random places I would get what looked like a really bright pixel which I thought was a stuck pixel this seems to have nearly stopped (could this have been poor quality HD sent over from the broadcasters because some channels I didnt see it)

The thing that is starting to really bug me is the posterization and blockiness that is occurring in certain conditions. It is really bad in scenes that have got really low light eg. a lit candle a really dark scene posterization around edges from dark to light, watching X Factor certain dark spots which are low lit and when the camera is on the judges faces the crowd behind them is posterized, when low lit areas have movement in them things seem to get blocky in these areas as well.

Posterization does occurr more in none HD media but still does occurr in HD even in with bright tv media it can be seen sometimes.
Has anyone got any help with this or experienced it themselves ie. settings that may improve it , I have been messing with the settings for a while and dont seem to be getting anywhere.

The set plays full HD media eg MKV's with much more great success and playstation 3 seems pretty good

cheers for any help


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I don't think that's the TV. More likely the broadcast from ITV. I sometimes think the same when watching Freeview, blaming the TV itself, until I watch a well mastered Blu-ray or DVD and notice how good it can look.

For watching non-HD material, I always turn the sharpness setting right down, as it can highlight pixelation, IMO.


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Hi can any others who have the UE55C8000 please give there results on how much blockiness and posterization in dark moving black areas.

Because its seems to be quite bad on mine with quite a lot of media even something that was supposed to be a HD film last night in Zoolander background images which were out of focus and in dark areas had a lot of posterization and blockiness with the blacks.

Do any other users get posterzation and blockiness with blacks or should I be ringing Samsung.

Many thanks hopefully for any replies


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Mine is the same. It's a shame that a 2k tv still can't get this right.

That said, surprisingly I am still happy with my purchase.


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Many thanks m8 for the reply,
What I am trying to find out is does everyone of these models exhibit these characteristics. If not do I have a case for Samsung to replace it because I paid well over 2 grand for this set and my previous 5 year old plasma never suffered with any of these what I think are faults. I watched the apprentice tonight and the beginning had a black screen with some White text in the middle and the black was jumping all over the place.

I don't know which way to go was hoping for some magic answer like press a button and it will go away


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I don't think mine was that bad. I watched the apprentice last night and nothing jumped out to that extent.

At the end of that day it won't compete with the blacks you're used to from a Plasma, but maybe what you're seeing is a glitch. I doubt it's firmware related as I've never updated mine, so it must be well behind.

Not much help, sorry.

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