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I was wondering if the hardcore AV buyers out there can let the rest of us in on their experience of the post-Christmas and January sales and say whether or not they feel this is a great time to buy LCD TVs or other general AV items???

I know it's a question that's been asked before and of course nobody knows what exactly will go on sale in January but I'm not even sure if LCD TVs and serious electrical items tend to come down massively in price compared with more 'seasonal' items like clothing, homewares etc.

Does anyone remember what the sales were like in recent years and whether there were any awesome bargains to be had.

I'm seriously thinking about going for the Mirai 32" lcd that can be had for £460 including glass stand and HDMI cable with DirectTVs OR the Toshiba 32" WLT66 model which is currently going for around £560-600 with codes etc.

I just wonder what the chances are that they will drop down in price after Christmas - say sub-£375 for the Mirai or sub-£500 for the Toshiba.

I know a hell of a lot of people are having the same dilemma as I am as to whether it will be worthwhile waiting until January to buy.



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My guess would be the the price of say the Sam 74 and Tosh 66 have pretty much bottomed out as they sell off the last ones as newer models are on the market

So what you will find is none of these available very soon


Stu, i was going to buy the wlt66 but thought i'd wait to see if the price dropped a bit more after christmas, and then discovered there's a wlt68 (newer model). So if the price drops, great i'll buy the wlt66, if it doesn't then i'll buy the wlt68 if theres only a couple of hundred pounds in it.

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