Possibly the worst Yamaha A1 ever made?

Rich B

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Can someone tell what is the best size brick to use to put my Yamaha DSP-A1 out of its misery please?
The last few months its been nothing but trouble..

First it started with the old display problem, dropping the odd character to start and ending in the whole displaying staying off.

Then it started occasionally refusing to output any sound.. switching it on and off a few times usually brought it to life again.

Then one day (xmas just gone) it decided it wasnt ever going to process or output any kind of digital signals.. no matter which digital inputs i used.

At that stage i replaced the old A1 with a younger, prettier model (the RX V3900) and banished the A1 to the spare room upstairs to sit in shame...

Then i had a thought.. I have all this other outdated kit up there with it..
DVD player, CRT TV, Denon separates, Kef Cresta speakers, VCR..

so i thought why not connect it all up in my bedroom and use the A1 in stereo mode only -effect off (which is does very well still).
This i did 2 weeks ago.. and its sounded and looked great.. all that power from the A1 driving the little Kefs sounded really nice.

turned the denon tuner on and the A1 while i jumped in the shower.. when i came out the A1 was off??? so i turn it back on.. 30seconds later it switches itself off again.. it did this 3 more times, each time staying on for less time than the time before, selecting a different input source made no difference either..

so i now have a really nice amp with an attitude problem.
it now refuses to:
illuminate the display when it feels like it..
process ANY kind of signal input via digital inputs.
stay on for more than a few seconds
:rolleyes: :suicide:

so... i was wondering.. Breeze block, concrete slab or good old fashioned house brick?
(ooh and any other suggestions also welcomed.. )


(ooh and any other suggestions also welcomed.. )

Why not get kitted out like a Reservoir Dog, tie it to a chair and subject it to a slow agonising death!
"Well I don't know why I came here tonight..............."


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Its gonna need concrete slab, preferably with steel reinforcement to kill it. The breeze block will just fall apart on impact.

In all seriousness, its sad that your A1 is on its last legs as they are still an amazing sounding amp. Mine is still going strong, the only fault is that the DTS has a weird digital sounding buzzing sound all the time which comes from the speakers but is volume independent. I also run it as poweramp for the new HD audio formats from the outputs on the DSP-AX761.

Rich B

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ooo yeh.. i also had that one too i think..
now and again the rears started making an electrical short type of noise!! :rolleyes:

just not worth repairing since theyre selling for £140 on ebay :(

I think i must own the "made on a friday afternoon" model

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