Possibly selling my P7 in the near future


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Hi guys,
just a quick heads up on the potential sale if anyone interested of my p7 in the near future if anyones looking for one.
Im on the upgrade path again. As you all know the
P7 is excellent but Im now looking at even higher 2 channel performance with equal surround performance.
Ive been very busy demoing over this last week and Ive just about decided what im wanting to do. The dealer is in the throws of putting together a non-part-ex and a part-ex package for me against the P7.
I will prob go for the part ex deal to save all the hastle of private sales, but if another forum member is looking for an immaculate silver P7 thats 8months old with all the boxes /receipts/warrenty etc let me know asap, but if sold on here will obviously have to post an ad in the sales area which is no prob.



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Not going to keep p7 for centre/surround duties and add another power amp for L & R?

What are you going for?


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Hi Ian,
Theres a couple of reasons why I cant do what you suggest mate. Ive been trying many different options and feel that my end choice will be the overall best way to go for another step up the ladder.
Firstly its an available space issue and secondly its the type of amps Im wanting to now upgrade to and how I can use them. Finally the P7 has a mighty seven channels, Im only using 5 currently (non of my speakers are biampable), would be a big waste to only be using 3 of the available 7 amps and I dont want to expand to 6.1/7.1.
I'm looking to go for a pair of electrocompaniet amps. Basically one is a 2 channel power amp and the other is a 3 channel power amp. The beuty of these for me is that not only do they make my sonus fabers and MA's sound great in 5.1 as the P7 does, but they can be switched (by the press of a button) to a pair of 'bridged' monoblcck amps giving a rated output of 600W each into my sonus fabers for 2 channel stereo playback. It is here where they impress the most.


Aye they make some nice gear -i remember hearing a system of theirs several years ago now - very impressive.

I only use my P7 for movies because (I'll get shot for saying this!!) I never found it exciting enough for straightforward 2 channel duty (even when using 4 channels) - hence having a separate 2 channel system in a different room.

The Hi-Fi gets used far more than the AV system, although it's the opposite for my missus.


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Hi all,
Im just now waiting for a home demo of the EC amps, which should be complete by the end of next week. If this goes as well as the demo room, I'll be placing orders.
Will keep you all informed.


Ok, this is starting to look like the beginnings of a For Sale thread now, so Darron, please create a for sale thread in the trading forums in line with forum rules, and a good idea would be to update your sig with the link in there so people are aware of your item for sale and go from there.:lesson:

By all means PM PenguinHifi to advise a for sale thread is now open but for now any more discussion about the item or it's sale must go through the official channel.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all,



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The Hi-Fi gets used far more than the AV system, although it's the opposite for my missus.

Just curious what you have as a HIFI system.. I'm beginning to think I should split mine too. But, I'm not sure if I have another room I can use without upsetting the boss.;)


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Hi Guys,
thought I'd bring you up to speed.

Decided not to sell the P7 (it does such a good job as an AV amp).

Basically will build a separate standalone 2 channel system.


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