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Hi folks

Needing to buy a decent cable router to begin getting all these gadgets i have in the house working to there full ability but have a quick question first.

I have a humax FOX T2 freeview recorder that I can plug USB into. I run mac so my hard drives are formatted in mac journaled format and are not recognised on the humax. Rather than formatting in NTFS I was wondering ..... if one of these hard drives are used as a network server would it still not be recognised? I'm suspecting it still wont be recognised and it may be a totally stupid question but im just curious.

Reason I'm asking is that I am considering in going the apple extreme route as hopefully it should make my set up simple. When setting up the Apple TV's i needed to do everything in the AFP so hopefully keeping it all apple will 'JUST WORK'.

Anyone suggest a good wireless cable router that works well with mac osx?


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There was some old belkins that supported USB HDD's to plug in so you could use it over a net work, not sure wether it would work with a mac though.. (I think it was the play max one or whatever it was called..)

What about the Apple Airport.. Hardrive sharing works on both windows and Mac, (Windows must have bonjour installed, comes with itunes anyway..)

My guesses are that theres no easy way round this, your going to have to format it into NTFS because im pretty sure you have to install software for both of these routers and im not sure that the belkin would pick up Mac journled format..

Another possibility is to make your own router, but then theres the issue with the format thats important, that why i can't guarentee any of my suggestions because of that format.
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Well heres the thing, if it don't work with your box, if you do go completly Mac you'll have max compatability with your products. If your USB HDD wasn't the mac format you could've got around this alot easier. :3 Have fun with ur Airport ^^

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