Possible to split HDMI ARC to TWO sound bars?


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I've googled for a few hours and can't seem it find an exact answer..

I've got:
- 2019 smart 4k LG tv with 1 hdmi arc out, 1 optical out.
- Vizio SmartCast Bar 4551-d5 with wireless sub and rear R/L speakers
- Vizio SmartCast Bar 4051-d5 with wireless sub and rear R/L speakers

My hypothetical setup would be an HDMI cable from the TV ARC port to a HDMI ARC splitter, then an HDMI cable from the splitter into each sound bar...

(Dude you're crazy why do you want to use 2 sound bar setups at once?)
I got the 2nd one for free basically and also.. why not?

So is this possible? Does a real true HDMI ARC splitter even exist?
I understand I may be able to achieve this with splitting optical to both, but then you lose the CEC/HEC w/e handshaking and the 5.1 I think?

Thank you for your time!


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