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Possible to set up 3 monitors on pc?


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Im looking to set up 3 monitors on a work HP desktop PC.
Two isnt a problem with the gfx card having dvi and vga out,
but need a 3rd set up.
The pc is Hp Compaq dc5850

Is it possible with new software/hardware.

Ta in advance

edit; Windows xp sp3
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Probably the quickest & easiest method to add a 3rd monitor is to get an external USB graphics card such as This.



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you sure about that mark? didnt know that could be done.

The way I understand and have heard of everybody doing it is buy buying a bit of hardware called a triple monitor 2 go, or something.

gogo google :)


I've not used this type of device personally but know others that have and been happy with the results.

The Matrox TripleHead2Go devices were at one stage the (only?) way it was done, but they are very expensive and don't give you individual screens. They just combine all 3 monitors to give a single but larger overall desktop.



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I'm searching the forum looking for the same thing, but I can give you this: you can get a graphics card with 4 outputs, which I've seen connected to 3 screens (giving you 3 individual screens, not just 1 split across 3) - presumably you could attach a 4th.

I'm on dual at the moment and was wondering if I could add a second cheap graphics card to my spare PCI-E slot to get a 3rd screen?

EDIT - ah
As someone who uses 3 monitors there are a few options.

Run a Triple Head 2 Go. Expensive but probably worth it.

Run 2 GPU's (but don't link them in SLI or CrossFire) this will enable you to use all available DVI Ports for seperate displays. Only costly depending on the GPU's you use. Plus they don't have to match. I ran a 6800GS with a 7900GTO for over a year before upgrading.
Sounds good to me
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You can add as many graphics cards as will fit in your PC and connect to them as many monitors as they'll support.

The main limitations are that you can't use SLI/Crossfire and that Vista requires all graphics card to be using the same driver, i.e. the same brand. (windows XP and 7 both work fine with mixed).

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