Possible to run speaker wire on a ceiling & keep it discreet?


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Looking at installing ceiling Atmos speakers and I wondered if anyone had managed to have speaker wires on the ceiling yet not stand out like a sore thumb and be wife/partner friendly? Speakers would be a metre from the walls edge.



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You'll struggle to be honest. It all depends on the type of ceiling you have.
Is it plasterboard, wood or concrete?
You can get flat speaker cable although the weight of the cable, however small, will cause it to naturally sag which will require you to use more clips which will, of course, make it more visible.
That's if you intend to clip it direct to the surface.

The other alternative is mini trunking but this option will make it even more visible.
Even the D Line spec trunking which is semi-circular will stand out like a sore thumb if not done right.

Surface mounting as opposed to recessed is always a compromise.


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A hot glue gun is your friend for fixing the cable, but it won't be invisible. Lifting the carpet and a few floorboards above the room will always be the neatest option.


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Also, if you're walls and ceiling aren't plumb straight and level, it'll look like a dogs dinner if you use a spirit level and equal measurements.

In this instance, using you're eye to follow the line of the ceiling will work better than any level ever could.


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I used "hard as nails" glue with a varying degree of success. Run a thin line along where the wire should be, give it a few minutes rest, then stick the speaker cable to it :)

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