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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by mpaul0055, May 8, 2007.

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    Alright Guys...

    Well Moved into the new house and started the slog of getting it setup.

    At the moment we have the front room as the main everything. Tv Room, Game Room, Chill room etc... Mainly due to lack of furniture everywhere else... lol

    But as my PS3 and 360 are gathering more and more dust,action must be taken.

    Now im thinking of getting a 40" - 42" Plasma/LCd for the back room, next to living room.

    This would enable me to have a nice haven to go off to to play my games, watch some football etc... But as the main front room will always have the better TV/Setup in it, id like my 360, Ps3 & Sky Hd on both screens.

    So my thinking was this

    Front Room...
    Sony 50"
    Sky Hd
    DvD/Divx PLayer

    Run HDMI & Optical from Sky HD to TV.. Then Run The Component & Digital Coax to the other room. Touch Wood Sky HD In other room (Will this work guys having both outputs at the same time?)

    Back Room
    40" LCD
    Denon Amp

    PS3 Direct To New TV with HDMI,
    360 to TV via component.... Now am i best getting say an onkyo amp with HDMI swithing abilities to get the consoles running back to the other tv. Then i can have the Ps3, 360 and Sky HD all into one amp, meaning i only have to run one wire for the full setup.

    Its amazin how AV projects double in price.. lol

    Infact have i just answered my own question.. is the Onkyo TX-SR674E the key!

    Any Help on how you guys have distributed your HD feeds to mulitple TVs would be great.

    Stories on running your consoles to multiple tvs would be greater... :)

    Also if anyone offers installing these sort of systems and is in te northwest area, drop me a PM.

    Many Thanks


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