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Hi guys,

Seeing all the great setups on here has given me that itch to upgrade my Q7000i speakers, I sold the sub and have an XLS200 that I'm very happy with.

I'm very happy with the Q speakers, just curious to see whether getting slightly larger speakers is worth it or not. We may be buying a house in a couple of years, so I could wait until then and would be probably be able to use most sizes of speaker.

So this really is my curiosity getting the better of me.

I have been looking at the Q2010's or 3010's and matching centre, or maybe the Dali Pico's, they both have a lower crossover than the 7000i which might work well. Can't really go much bigger as the mrs frowned at the little 7000i's online, but was happy when they arrived!

I might have a listen to a set at some point, but does anyone think it is a waste of time changing to speakers that are only a little bit bigger?



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What did you decide?
Just reading posts with the exact same decision to make :)
I went with a pair of Q 3010i and a Q 3090ci for the front and still use the 7000i as the rears.
The fronts sound better, most noticeable improvement has been in the highs, especially in stereo mode listening to music, but it's also made me realise how good the little 7000i's are!!


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Even though I cannot vouch for what @WozzaB did, I would say at the moment the obvious upgrade path if you wish to keep things in the lifestyle arena are Monitor Audio Radius edition

Here's where I would look at as an upgrade
Radius 200
Radius 90
Rel TZero

Monitor Audio have changed the colour of the white from gloss to satin whereas the Rel sub is finished in gloss. Even with this factor, the benefits in performance are a worthy trade

Using the LFE on this sub sorts the movie side out without any big fuss, yet when you bring the high level neutrik cable along with the front two speakers you create a stereo sound which you'd be fooled into thinking it was from a pair of floorstands :)

You may think its a more expensive upgrade paths, but once you have experienced this option and set it up, you'd be hard to find another combination which delivers so much whilst keeping thinks small


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Thanks after a bit of research I think I have a more question so will start a new thread.

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