Possible Marantz S3 fault

Paul D

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I have came across a possible fault with my S3 projector.

When in high contrast mode(fine in normal mode), i can see faint horizontal lines running across the image.
I first thought it was a DVI issue, but it is on all video signals.
I have done the normal battery of tests...
Different DVD player
Different plug socket
Different discs.
High/Low lamp mode.

It is more noticeable in the bottom righthand corner, with the Iris in high contrast mode(F5.0).
It is not there in F3.0 mode.(high brightness)


Paul D

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Doctored picture to show lines if your display cannot resolve the faint lines.

Any ideas?:confused:

Peter Parker

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I saw something similar on my old Davis DLS8 - it only did it when inverted for ceiling mode though. It was caused by a faulty formatter board which I assume tells the DMD how to display the picture. It was fine when projecting from a table though.

I don't think it's quite the same thing, though it looks almost identical. You could try flipping the image to see if it does it in both modes or not, but it looks like you'll need a repair.



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Sorry to hear about this. I've not noticed anything like this on mine but will give it a good once over tomorrow evening. Only problem I've had with mine so far is on 2 occasions when switched on the image has been inverted even though it is on the correct setting (Ceiling - on) in the menu. If it does it once more then mine will be going back too.

Paul D

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Going to give the calibration lens a try!
If that doeasn't work, then it will have to go in.
I'm awaiting a response from Dan Miller over at AVS.
It's baffling me why it goes in F3.0 mode.

It is slight and i'm wondering if the Marantz techs will even be able to see it!
If it does go back, i will attach some photos of it to assist them to what to look for.

Funny thing is that i'm not upset about it. Since i'm still so happy with the unit overall, i'm happy for it to go back for a few days if it will sort it.

Messiah, bring up a 100 IRE screen in avia(etc) then stop the Iris down to F5.0.
I will apologise up front if you do find anything!:D

HDMI(DVI) is now firmly my preference from my 868i. Going back to component adds slight "ringing" and a very slight "soft sheen" to the image in comparison.


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OK Paul, I'll take a look later. If I do find it then mine too will be going back. More weight to getting them fixed :) but here's hoping mine's fine.

I dabbled with the Yamakawa but due to cable length/syncing issues have decided to sell that on. The picture was utterly superb but unfortuantely I cannot see me going for an 868. Would love to but then I think of the new WM9 machines coming out in the next few months. If the 868 had WM9 playback (a bit more futureproofing ;) ) then I'd go for it. I'm still delighted with the pic from the Tosh SD900 and I also have a fully configured HTPC for DVI duties.

Paul D

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I want the new Kiss WMF9 player too!
It will have DVI and can stream from networks.
This will be ideal for making a DVD/music jukebox etc.


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That's the one I want. Not for quite a few months yet though :(

Gonna check my S3 in the next hour or so. Any news from Marantz/Dan Miller?

Tom @ Cinehome

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Any update on the problem ?

I am interested as we are thinking of buying an S3

Many thanks



Standard Member
I checked mine this morning to see if it exibited the issue described with the 100IRE feild from Avia and seemed fine.

Paul D

Well-known Member
tbar, good news.
Just need Messiah to confirm his is ok, and i will get onto Marantz to arrange a service.
Even if it is normal, i could live with it, but a fix would be better!


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Sorry guys. Been pretty busy so not got round to checking. Will do this evening and post results ASAP.

{now, do I really want to know....:eek: }


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Well, having installed the new screen (3rd replacement :eek:) and spent some time settig the pj back up I can say I can see no such lines on my pj.

Paul D

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Yep, Dan Miller states it must be a fault.
First time i've ever been glad somethings faulty!:D

Now all i need to do is make sure the Marantz service techs know how to see it!
I have heard Marantz tend to just swap out, but i would prefer a fix.

Will report back on how things go...:smoke:


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Originally posted by Messiah
Well, having installed the new screen (3rd replacement :eek:) and spent some time settig the pj back up I can say I can see no such lines on my pj.

Off topic but why the 3rd screen?


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Ist one started sticking.
2nd was not true 16:9 and had bowing edges
3rd - same as second
4th - certainly is true 16:9 but unsure if the material is going to shrink like the previous ones and cause bowing. Time will tell.


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Don't blame you wanting a fix. I know someone else who has an S3 and due to a duff on mirror on his first one he had 4 replacements till he got a good one. Two were very dim and one had a pink tinge to everything that could not be removed. The fourth is picture perfect but a fair bit noisier than any of the others. Needless to say he has decided to put up with the noise due to the perfect image.

Good luck.

Paul D

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My problem is so small as not to be a real issue.
Since the other 3/4 of the screen don't show these lines, then it leads me to think it is a lens or panel alignment problem.
It is really subtle, but there non the less etc.
Since it goes when i switch to F3.0, this seems to reinforce my alignment theory.
I will speak to Marantz tomorrow, and post back the response.
I am hoping it is just a panel driver adjustment in software!:)

Tom @ Cinehome

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Hi Paul

Any updates ?



Paul D

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I only got around to returning my S3 on Monday.
I just didn't want to let my baby go!

I will post back when i hear something...:smoke:

Paul D

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Just an update on my S3 problem.

According to the Marantz "tech", my unit needs the firmware updating.
I hope that's all it is, as i have a peach of a unit.(quiet and bright- with zero duff pixels etc)

I should be getting it back sometime next week.

I will post back if the lines are gone(or not)!:smashin:

Paul D

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Ok the latest update 04/05/04.

Marantz UK at first said my firmware did need updating. I assumed this wasn't for extra features, rather just to tweak bugs/settings.
Maybe Dan Miller will comment over at AVS, if a general firmware release is due.

I phoned today to see if my S3 had returned, and been serviced/updated etc.
To my surprise, there was a "loan" S3 waiting for me.

It turns out my S3 is taking a little trip to Japan!

I have no idea why, but assume that the Japanese Techs want to see this problem themselves.
My unit still needs the firmware updating, so maybe this hasn't gone so well.

With great relief, this loaner unit doesn't have the faint horizontal lines.
Meaning that my unit is faulty, and these lines are not a "characteristic".
I have noticed with this unit that DVD via HDMI-DVI seems to have much more saturation. I have now backed my Pioneer868i(AV59i) saturation back to default. I assume my unit will be the same once the firmware is updated.

I am a little nervous that my unit has to survive such a long trip, never mind the fact that any tinkering may introduce dust/other faults etc.

It is nice of MarantzUK to offer a "loaner" S3, but that has taken three weeks to show. I would have thought that a "new" replacement S3 might have been offered with the amount of time has been, and seems like it will be away.

I suppose there maybe an upside to this Japanese factory visit. The unit will be checked out by the Marantz factory eggheads, and might just come back better than stock units!(fully examined and firmware/hardware updated)

Here's hoping...!


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Or it could come back like a big box of egg shell!

Sorry couldn't resist :devil:

I hope all turns out okay and Marantz come through with there customer service.

I've seen the S3 in action on a firehawk screen and its the dogs bollucks!

I suffered rainbows with a Sharp 10k but the S3 was okay with the material it was showing.


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